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Vegan Cannelloni

The Vegan Cannelloni is a delicious recipe. Additionally, with only a few basic ingredients, you can easily prepare this creamy and delectable dairy-free Italian pasta meal, vegan cannelloni with spinach and ricotta.

Tip for making this recipe:

Using a piping bag or large ziplock bag with the corner snipped is by far the easiest method. In this manner, there will be minimal mess when you effortlessly squeeze the ricotta into the bowl. Use an iced tea spoon with a long handle, which was awkward and time-consuming but manageable. You can also use this spinach to stuff more shells, so feel free to double it.

Vegan Cannelloni


  • Pasta sauce: 4 cups.
  • Frozen spinach: 20–24 oz.
  • Cannelloni tubes: 14
  • Vegan ricotta: 3 cups.


  1. Adjust the microwave temperature to 350°F.
  2. Mix the spinach and ricotta cheese.
  3. Fill the bottom of a baking dish with two cups of spaghetti sauce.
  4. Utilizing a piping bag or a gallon ziplock bag with the corners removed, fill each tube with the spinach-ricotta mixture.
  5. After placing the filled shells in the baking dish, drizzle the leftover sauce over them.
  6. Grill, covered, for forty minutes. Remove the lid and roast it for another three minutes. Before serving, let it cool for several moments.
Tips for serving:
  • For a splash of color, sprinkle fresh herbs like basil and parsley on top. Enjoy lightly brushing my almond parmesan on top.
  • Keep the remaining recipe in a covered vessel in a cool place for almost five days.
  • Yes, you may make the cannelloni ahead of time and freeze it. To preserve for up to two or three months, just use freezer-safe containers, seal firmly, and store in the freezer. When it’s time to bake, proceed as directed, allowing ten more minutes for cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is boiling the cannelloni good for making them?
  • No, that’s what makes working with this pasta so wonderful. Because it cooks directly in the baking dish with the spaghetti sauce and stuffing, there’s no need to boil it before preparation. Simple as pie.
Nutritional facts:

Cholesterol: 0 mg.

Fiber: 6.3 g

Calories: 473 kcal.

Sugar: 8.1 g.

Sodium: 384.9 mg.

Protein: 16.9 g.

Total carbohydrates: 43 g.

Saturated fat: 4.3 g.

Vitamin A: 59%

Total fat: 28.5 g.

Vitamin C: 29%

Calcium: 8%

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