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Vegan Beanless Carrot Hummus

The Vegan Beanless Carrot Hummus is very creamy and delicious. Furthermore, the taste of this recipe is spicy and yummy. Moreover, it is a flavorful and delicious recipe. The combination of the carrot and ground cumin is very healthy and tasty. In addition, the level of spices in this recipe is low. The items are grain-free and have no gluten in them.

Tips for making this recipe:

This is truly an incredible beanless carrot hummus. Except for salt and pepper, We only need five ingredients total, mostly carrots! It tastes fantastic on top of salads and is the ideal savory spread for toast. All you need to do to make this beanless carrot hummus is steam some carrots and then pulse them in a food processor or blender with some seasonings. Simple as that.

Vegan Beanless Carrot Hummus


  • Salt: 1/2 tsp.
  • Lemon: 1/2.
  • Tahini: 1/2 cup.
  • Ground pepper: 1.
  • Carrots: 1 pound.
  • Ground cumin: 2 tsp.


  1. Steam three-quarter cups of sliced carrots in a steamer or on the steaming tray of your rice cooker until they are fork-tender.
  2. In a high-powered blender or food processor, combine the steamed carrots and the additional ingredients; process until homogeneous.
  3. After around nine minutes, increase the mix while a creamy consistency is reached, then turn to simmer., firm, elastic dough.
  4. Stop the machine and press the dough to the bottom of the bowl if it begins to split into two halves or becomes trapped on the handle.
  5. After forming the dough into a ball, transfer it to a large basin.
  6. To coat the dough in oil, turn it around in the basin.
  7. For the contents of the bowl to rise, cover it with a moist cloth and place it in a warm location.
  8. About two hours will pass through this. When the dough begins to gradually enlarge and slowly bounces back when you press it with your finger, it’s ready.
  9. Serve with a garnish of aromatic herbs and chili flakes.
  • It is the ideal savory spread for toast or a great way to dress up a plate of vegetables.
Nutritional facts:

Potassium: 373 mg.

Protein: 3 g.

Calories: 115 kcal.

Fat: 7 g.

Iron: 1 mg.

Carbohydrates: 13 g.

Sodium: 301 mg.

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